Our experience


A major client in the automotive industry currently has more than 30 MKH machine in one facility. They range from simple assembly aids to fully autonomous assembly or testing machines. Most machines have dedicated tooling that was developed along with the customer to ensure end product quality. Machines have also been designed for rapid tooling change (no tools required to change 13 pieces of tooling in under 10 minutes as an example).

Machines include: Strip winders producing flexible liners, automated liner cutters, decoilers, punch stations, haul-offs, rotating head plasma cutters, braid cutters, trimming machines, slitting machines, crimping stations, stud presses, flexible coupling assemblers, internal sizing machines, automated welders and many more.

Rock Breaking

Utilizing its vast experience in the field, MKH has supported a global company in development of a new generation secondary rock breaking machine. Challenges included development of an intrinsically safe propellant cartridge capable of breaking hard rock. This included an electronic initiating module with communication abilities and a control system that will measure up to requirements found in the underground mining environment.


Other customers have ordered machines such as: a plough folder for a high speed printing press, a Rooibos tea cutting machine, a vibrating stacker/binder, and a fully adjustable granulator. We are currently busy with a Bread Pan Forming machine that would produce a folded bread pan every 10 seconds.


Our current clients include Senior Automotive, SANDVIK and Marsden (Macadams).