About MKH


With roots going back to experimenting with Lego or Mecchano Sets, more recent diverse backrounds ranging from armaments development, railway engineering, mining equipment development, and numerous diverse machine building challenges serves as foundation of our expertise.

The network

Knowing fully well that excellence breeds excellence, only individuals with the same passion for engineering and perfection found their way into the fold. MKH, when faced with a challenge, approaches the best person or entity for assistance and over the years have so build up a network of engineers, experts and trusted suppliers that are eager to face up to any challenge.

The code

Adhering to a code of no comprimise regarding service delivery and committed to ethical business practices in  dealing with clients, suppliers, employees and the community alike are cornerstones for long-term success of a company. Leadership responsibility plays an imperative role in yhe company to ensure integrity within society in all respects.  Ensuring the proliferation of good conduct, however, requires commitment from all parties as well as continuous self-examination. We hereby expect all directly involved with the company to maintain the highest degree of profesionalism, ethical conduct, transparency and care for society.

The backbone of the company:

  • Manfred Habeck - owner and conceptual strategist
  • Chris Muller - general manager and boss
  • John Sardinha - mechanical designer and master of detail
  • Izak de Jager - manufacturing/assembly and jack-of-all-trades
  • Andre Meyer - manufacturing/assembly and quality detective
  • Silas Mahlangu - manufacturing and more manufacturing
  • Colleen Porter - administration and keeper of piles of paperwork
  • Stephen Tebele - housekeeping and budding turner
Preferred suppliers and co-conspirators
  • Festo
  • Omron
  • SEW Eurodrive
  • TFD Manufacturing
  • Delta-Strand Engineering
  • Decon Design and Construction
  • Reomach
  • CHG Engineering
  • Deltatron